Football days

Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City


Final score: Tottenham 5-4 Leicester

Last game of the season… until next season


Football days


Tough game to take for all spurs fans the team turned up for the first 20 minutes but sadly when Manchester United scored the equaliser the team dropped their heads and couldn’t find a way back into the game. When the second went in it was going to be extremely difficult to come back and we didn’t look like creating anything.

Regarding atmosphere spurs fans were amazing before and during the game and so were the United faithful. Two of the best supported teams in England and showed it that day.

Tottenham pub – the torch, Wembley

Modern football – “taking advantage of our passion”

Modern football – Taking advantage of our passion

Modern football is two words that seem normal to people who do not follow football but, to the ones that do modern football is a disease that’s corroding our game from the outside and rotting our game from the inside.

Money, corruption and greed are taking over the game it has started at the top and is working its way down rapidly, the biggest teams in the world have used their wealth to be at the top and just buy the best players and offer them ridiculous amounts of money. Teams even in the bottom half of the top leagues cannot compete with the amount of money these big clubs get, how can a club with club money compete with a club with country money.

Players at the top clubs will get hundreds of thousands a week which is more than a family can get in a lifetime, they will not only get money from the club they will gain money from sponsorships and others companies which will make them millionaires in a couple of weeks. This can be a problem in its self but the main problem is what they are asking fans to pay.

Fans are forced to pay massive sums of money for tickets whether that’s a season ticket or a one off match ticket. I am a Tottenham Hotspur fan and have followed them across land and sea and next season we will enter a new stadium it will cost an adult £995 for a season ticket behind a goal in the home end. This is where I will go as that’s where everyone will stand up and make noise throughout every game. This season at Wembley it cost £775 which is still absurd but to be asking for £200 pounds more is an absolute joke. £995 pounds for a season ticket works out to £52 pound a game! Buying a season ticket does not only give you a seat for all the home games but it’s suppose to be cheaper to buy a season ticket then buying tickets for every game. It’s a shame that this has happened to my club and it’s just another one to join the list of clubs who are taking money from thin pockets when they are dishing out and making millions and millions every week.

Anyone who has bought a season ticket isn’t asking for something for nothing, they’re asking for 19 entertaining football matches at a minimum. Unless you’re super rich a season ticket is still a large investment. Spurs are running the risk of going down the same road as city and arsenal by having a lovely new stadium where no one can afford a ticket. Regardless of how long the bar is, what live music is on after the match and how exclusive the cheese is none of these things matter if the fans don’t show up to the games. Revenue from ticket sales is a very small proportion of a clubs revenue nowadays, most of it comes from tv and advertising. The price of tickets should be falling, not rising.

Soon the true fans will be driven out of the game and there will no longer be the stories we have been told by our fathers and grandfathers when it was cheap to go and arguably better football to watch. When the day finally comes all the clubs and governing bodies of the sport will have a choice to make and it can carry on going up slowly sinking the dagger in even further and killing our beloved game or it can stop and bring the prices down and can bring our sport back to being the best sport in the world.

Stop taking advantage of our passion.